Sydney Hockey


Sydney Hockey  administer's  Men's Outdoor Competitions in Sydney

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Sydney Hockey Life Members

1951 R A Abel*, W L Calov*, C E Ellerman*, E C Foskett*,

R J Holmes*, E P McCooey*, A C O’Reilly*, W Rothwell*,

A Seaman*, F M King*, E P Statham*, R M Taylor*, C J Walker*,

O P Wood*, A E Young*

1957 T G Pearce*, P E Thompson*

1959 R O Banks*, L S Purnell*

1963 A E Rowell*

1966 H A Fibbins*

1968 A Dillano*

1970 H M Stephens*, T P Jones*, J Krepp*

1971 R K Willington*

1973 D I Eddy

1974 W G McCallum*

1977 M A Lloyd* and Merv M Goodridge*

1980 James K Patterson*

1992 Gladys Yates*

1995 Denis Sundin

2002 Kevin C Flack

2004 Patrick McCabe & John Scott

2006 Peter Callaghan

2007 Kevin Connolly

2009 Carole McCabe*, Eric Ralphs*

2010 Stan Cleaver*

2011 Robert Taylor

2012 Maurice Dawson

2013 David Gentles

2015 David Gilbert and Allan Wiggins

2017 Bruce Cook

2023 Peter Krepp and Ken Campbell






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